Get a holistic picture of retainer periods

Stay on top of how and where you spend costs from retainer fees. Gain a comprehensive panorama of all your retained periods, so you can analyze and compare the financial performance on locked periods and plan rationally in the future. Roll over the unused target to the next period on a retainer.

Retainer Overall - Dinero

Visualize retainers in your project plan

Focus your time and resources on long-term goals. Divide retained periods into milestones and tasks. Predict delivery dates, assign roles and people, and benefit from the AI helping you estimate the tasks.


Spot anomalies before they hurt the target

Keep tabs on the quality and quantity of services you provide to the client. Get visibility into how much work has been completed for each retainer period to ensure nothing goes off at half-clock and you don’t over- or under-service the client.


Streamline the retainer billing process

Automatically invoice work in progress on a retainer based on the time entries. With time-tracking in place and real-time dashboards tied to each period, you have a detailed and transparent view of the workflow.

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Make retainers part of the bigger picture

Whether it's a retainer, fixed price, time & material, or non-billable project, Forecast provides you with the flexibility to manage them all side by side. This gives you a clear view of how each project affects the pipeline so you can budget your team’s time accordingly.

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Predict income and measure retainer value

Predict the source for regular income and clearly follow where the money is earned. The interconnectivity across all billing types allows you to closely follow how retainer projects support sustainable growth and lower risks from running solely on one billing type or the other.

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Artificial Intelligence

Putting the power of AI to work for you

Our advance AI technology enables intelligent recommendations so you can be more proactive.


Risk warnings

Understand the true status of your projects. Forecast flags issues proactively, so you can take preventative action to stay on track.

Team focus

Ensure your team works on the right things to deliver maximum business value.

Predictable execution

Ensure on-time delivery of your tasks, project, and programs without all the administrative work.

Financial control

Cut costs and maximize your profits with real-time insights into financial performance.
  • What our customers say

    "What Retainers in Forecast have taught us is that there’s a better way of knowing how the hours your consultants dedicate to the client are spent.”

    Rasmus Frølund Thomsen
    COO & Founding Partner, Kvantum
  • What our customers say

    "Forecast seamlessly integrates with Jira and provides us with transparency and a real-time overview of our developers."

    Jurij Pfeiffer
    Head of Development, Nexus United