10 Best AI Project Management Software for 2024

ai project management tools

In our blog, Will AI Replace Project Managers? we examined the evolving relationship between project management and artificial intelligence. Far from being a replacement, applying artificial intelligence to project management offers many advantages that boost effectiveness and streamline processes.


In this guide, we will discuss: 


  • The benefits of implementing AI-based project management tools
  • How to choose the best AI software for your business
  • And the best AI tools that are available to you


How AI Will Transform Project Management 


Using AI in project management is like adding a new tool to your toolkit. It allows Project Managers to free up time to work on the more strategic aspects of their role through:


  1. Streamlined Automation
    One of the most significant perks of AI in project management is its automation prowess. AI-powered tools efficiently handle repetitive tasks, freeing up you and your team to concentrate on strategic endeavors.

  2. Real-time Insights
    AI provides real-time insights so Project Managers can make informed, rapid, and precise decisions. AI-driven analytics often reveal intricate patterns and trends that are challenging to discern otherwise.

  3. Risk Mitigation
    AI's robust data analysis can scour various data sources and identify potential project risks. By referencing historical project data, AI can predict potential hiccups, delays, bottlenecks, and budget issues.

  4. Cost Savings
    Smart resource allocation, guided by AI project management tools, results in substantial cost savings. Project Managers can optimize resource planning with AI-driven decisions factoring in employee skills, project priorities, and budget restrictions.

What are the Best AI Tools for Project Management?


The top AI tools for your business will depend on what your business needs. Here are some questions to consider as you look at different AI-enhanced software:


What Do You Want AI to Help You With?

  • Does the tool provide an AI feature that addresses your business concerns?
  • Are you looking for basic automation, smart insights or both?

Is the Tool Easy to Use and Setup?

  • How intuitive is the tool's interface and is it easy to use?

  • How much dedicated time do you have for setup and teaching your team how to use the tool?


How Flexible is the Tool?

  • Can the software adapt to the needs of your business?
  • Will the tool help standardization a part of your business?


Look for useful AI tools that remove opportunities for human error, improve communication, standardize operations, and automate repetitive tasks. So what are the best AI tools to implement as you prepare for 2024? 


We referred to ratings on G2.com to compile a list of the top AI tools for startups and businesses of all sizes. 

Top 10 AI Tools For Project Management


  1.  Forecast: The Best Overall AI Project Management Software

    Forecast Status Tracking

    Overview: Forecast is one of the best AI tools for managing projects from start to finish. The software provides a unified platform that simplifies project creation, project budgeting, resource allocation, task management, invoicing and reporting through automation and smart insights into your business. It's a comprehensive, all-in-one project management tool that easily integrates with the software you’re already using. Manage your projects, resources, and financials all on one platform and experience an improvement in your internal operations, cross-team collaboration, overall efficiency and profitability.

    G2 User Review: "Using Forecast has been a game-changing experience for our team. The extensive interface and powerful features of Forecast have significantly improved our forecasting accuracy. The tool's ability to give us a complete view of our historical data and provide real-time insights empowers us to make well-informed decisions.”

    G2 Rating: 4.2

  2. Taskade: The Best AI for Task Management

    Taskade AI task management

    Overview: Taskade is an AI task manager that helps you streamline tasks, assignments, outlines, checklists, and workflows. Automatic syncing keeps your team up-to-date as they collaborate in the same workspace. Taskade's AI features enhance task scheduling and monitoring, making it a helpful asset for Project Managers.

    G2 User Review: “The interface is very clean and simple, which makes it easy to find what I need. The features are very flexible and can be customized to fit my needs. I can collaborate with others in real-time, which is great for working on projects with my team. The AI-powered features are really helpful, especially for tasks like task-prioritization and finding information.”

    G2 Rating: 4.6

  3. Timely: The Best AI Time Tracking Tool

    Timely AI time tracking tool

    Overview: Timely is a robust AI time management and tracking tool. It helps companies stay connected to their teams with features for payroll, project management, and capacity planning. Time is a critical resource in project management, and Timely's AI-driven time tracking simplifies time entry. This AI platform for business helps Project Managers better monitor and analyze time spent on different tasks.

    G2 User Review: "Saves me a huge mental effort and time trying to track back what I've done across multiple projects to enter manually into previous apps I used. I can go back weeks later and see exactly what files I was working on and assign to projects easily…It's also earned me way more than its cost – because I can accurately bill rather than underplaying the time I've spent on a project."

    G2 Rating: 4.8

  4. Fireflies.ai: The Best AI Personal Assistant

    Fireflies.ai AI personal assistant

    Overview: Fireflies.ai acts as an AI personal assistant for Project Managers. This tool integrates seamlessly with your workflow to record, transcribe, and summarize meetings. It also facilitates collaboration by letting you add comments and highlight important info for teammates to review.

    The analytical component identifies what is working on calls, notices trends and offers insights you might not otherwise notice. It enhances communication and helps Project Managers stay organized, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

    G2 User Review: "It has significantly streamlined the process I follow for capturing meeting info, saving me precious time and allowing me to focus on more strategic aspects of my role as a project manager. The accuracy of its transcriptions ensures that not one bit of important information or action items are missed or misinterpreted. My ability to quickly share this information has improved communication, trust, and collaboration within my project teams.”

    G2 Rating: 4.5

  5. Asana: The Best Free AI Productivity Tool

    Asana AI productivity tool

    Overview: Asana is a versatile project management AI tool that streamlines task management and supports strategic initiatives. It offers a free version with AI elements that improve task assignment, tracking, and project communication. With this platform, you and your team can easily see what tasks you still need to complete to finish a project.

    G2 User Review: “It makes it simple to combine numerous platforms such as Slack, Google Calendar, Gmail, and others; this feature allows me to communicate with the development team on a single platform [...] distinguish[ing] Asana from other applications. You can establish due dates, priorities, and utilize tags, etc., and everyone learned how to use the application quickly. I enjoy that you can focus on your job while still being able to view everyone's progress when necessary."

    G2 Rating: 4.3

  6. Clickup: The Best AI Resource Management Tool

    Clickup AI resource management tool

    Overview: Clickup is an AI tool for productivity that automates repetitive tasks and helps you optimize your resources. It’s a platform where teams can chat, create documents, plan, organize, establish processes, and collaborate efficiently. You can use it to track dependencies and resources across your organization. Plus, it’s customizable to match the existing processes in your organization.

    G2 User Review: “It is so incredibly versatile - I can use it in any way and for anything - so much more than I ever intended the software to be for and I use it every day without fail. The templates available are brilliant[...] and it's so easy to then adapt them to exactly how my business needs. I wouldn't be without it now. Not now not ever.”

    G2 Rating: 4.7

  7. Fellow: The Best AI for Collaboration

    Fellow AI collaboration tool

    Overview: Project Managers rely on collaboration for success and that means…meetings. Fellow's AI-enhanced platform helps improve the productivity of meetings. Built-in tools such as meeting templates, prompts, automated recap emails and action items, and collaborative agendas help teams communicate better. It integrates into your existing flow streamlining everything you do before, during, and after meetings.

    G2 User Review: "Fellow allows me to keep the notes in one place for each meeting which is especially helpful for reoccurring meetings so we know where we left off last time. I can send the notes to the team after the meeting in an email. I can also now record meetings. Lastly, my to-do list is sent to me daily so I never miss anything."

    G2 Rating: 4.7

  8. Clockwise: The Best AI Schedule Manager

    Clockwise AI schedule manager

    Overview: Clockwise is an AI calendar that automatically optimizes scheduling throughout your team to provide more opportunities for focused work. It can save you from back-to-back meetings with awkward amounts of time in between.

    G2 User Review: "Clockwise has some innovative features that simplify time management, reduce many of my scheduling conflicts, and improve the balance between focus and meetings at work. Ultimately it leads to increased productivity and a more organized and fulfilling workday."

    G2 Rating: 4.8

  9. Jasper: The Best AI Tool for Startups

    Jasper AI tool for startups

    Overview: Every startup has to find its voice and stay consistent so it can grow its brand recognition. Jasper provides AI-powered solutions for brand voice consistency. Their tool helps you write marketing material, product descriptions, social media posts, emails, and more.

    G2 User Review: "Jasper comes with over 50 templates, so everything in content creation gets covered. Honestly, templates are the best features. If you, for example, need to write a blog post, Jasper comes with the right content and 'dialect.' [...] Within the template, you can still fine-tune the style and prompt to get a decent output. [...] Text quality is great."

    G2 Rating: 4.7

  10. Copy.ai: The Best AI Writing Assistant

    Copy.ai AI writing assistant

    Overview: Copy.ai simplifies content creation, allowing you to quickly generate content, write documents and reports, create targeted sales copy, and improve communication. You can train the tool to match different tones of voice to fit your needs.

    G2 User Review: "One of the most useful features of Copy.ai is its ability to generate text variations for different marketing purposes and for a wide range of target audiences. [...] Additionally, Copy.ai features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows users to customize and refine automatically generated content. The platform also offers a wide range of templates and layouts to help users create visually appealing content."

    G2 Rating: 4.7


How will you implement AI into your workflow? With so many new developments happening every day, it’s important to choose the best AI tools for your business objectives. Look for ones that complement your strengths, streamline your processes and improve performance so you can maximize your project management.

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